The "G" Machines

The German made 400 series

Singer is/was an international company, and they catered to customers all over the world. To serve this large market, they had factories in many countries. From what I've determined, some factories made sewing machines for specific markets, and as such, some of these machines are not common in other countries. As an example, treadle machines (foot powered) were still common in many parts of the world even as late as the 1960's, although they are rare in the United States. I've also seen that even within a single series, Singer made different models for different markets.

The 400 series is one in particular. Manufactured and marketed in the 1950's and 1960's, the Slant-O-Matic 400 series is/was an extremely popular series in the United States, with the 401, 403 and 404 models being made in the US. Singer would either add a letter 'A' suffex after the model number (to indicate it was made in the Anderson, South Carolina factory), or have no letter suffex at all.

But, in Germany, Singer made many more models within the 400 series, and would end the model number with the letter 'G' suffex. Several of them were even offered in a treadle configuration.

Below are some examples. Click on each machine to jump to a page dedicated just for that machine.

Singer 401G-Treadle
401G in a treadle

Singer 401G Singer 402G Singer 404G
401G 402G 404G

Singer 411G Singer 412G Singer 414G
411G 412G 414G

Singer 421G Singer 422G
Singer 431G
421G 422G

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