A 401G Treadle

This is a 401G set up at the factory for use in a treadle cabinet. When I purchased this machine, it was installed and working in a treadle cabinet.

(photo provided by seller)

Since I've covered both the US made 401 and the German made 401G on their own pages, here I'm only going to focus on what's unique about a 401 set up for use on a treadle.

401G-T 401G-T
In the owners manual, there are instructions for installation and use in a treadle cabinet.
This must be a designation from Singer to indicate that it is a treadle machine.

401G-T 401G-T 401G-T
Even though the origional electrical plug is here, it's not wired up.
There's no motor to wire anything to.
The only thing electrical left is the lamp, and it has it's own plug.

Here, I've removed the belt guard that would cover the treadle belt. Yes, this machine is dirty. Like I said, it came out of a working treadle cabinet. Notice the groove in the handwheel to accept the treadle belt. Also notice the rectangular opening in the base through which the treadle belt would pass.

And it's got a German serial number.

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