Other German made Singer Machines

Singer had two different factories in Germany. The first was in Wittenberge, Prussia, Germany. Singer's website states that this factory opened in 1908, but I have found information stating that it actually started production in 1903 or 1904. Some of the earliest machines made here were assembled from parts brought in from another factory in Hamburg. This facility was in production until 1944, when it was converted to arms production. During the forty-plus years it was in operation, the factory made about 6.5 million sewing machines.

Records of what was produced, and when, from both German factories have been destroyed or lost. Collectors, however, have managed to pool their information, and assembled a limited history of this factory's production. The first Singer model made at the Wittenberge factory was a model 15 in 1903 or 1904, and various sub-sets of the model 15 were made up into the 1940's. The model 66 (and various sub-sets) began production around 1908. The 201 and 206 models were introduced in around 1934.

Here is some of the collected history from this factory:

Wittenberge serial numbers

Wittenberge machine series

Below are some examples from my collection. Click on each machine to jump to a page dedicated just for that machine.

First up is a model 201G

And the 2nd machine I have from Wittenberge is a model 206G

Singer's second factory was in Karlsruhe, Germany. This factory opened in 1954, and was in production until 1977. Many, many different models of machines were made in this factory! Below are some examples from my collection:

The 215G was made in two styles. Here's one of the older styles
215G Older

Here's a 215G; in the newer style
215G Newer

The 216G was also made in two styles. Here's the older style
Older Singer 216G

And here's the later style 216G
Newer Singer 216G

Here's a 316G zig-zag machine that takes cams for additional stitches

All my 400 series machines are on their own page. Click here to jump to that page.

And now, I'm going to skip to a much later machine. Here's a 766G
Singer 766G

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