216G Older Style

Singer 216G
Here's my older style 216G. This was originally a treadle or handcrank, but later converted to electric. Oh, and check out the later 'decoration' on the center of the bed.

Singer 216G
It's quite a pretty machine, don't you think? If you zoom in on the serial number, you'd see that it starts with the letters 'PA'. This proves that the machine was made in Germany.

Singer 216G Singer 216G
When I got the machine, it was in a plastic carrying case. Unfortunately, the case was destroyed in shipping (see my page on how NOT to pack a machine for shipment!)

Singer 216G Singer 216G Singer 216G
Here's the badge
The decals aren't too bad
I really like the aftermarket light

Singer 216G Singer 216G Singer 216G
The conversion to electric was definately done later
Singer would not have used a plastic motor mount like this
The motor is 220 volt, since the machine was from Germany

Singer 216G
Here's another close up of the badge, and the controls. I really like the stitch width control near the top. Just below that, and to the left, is the needle left-right control. Below, and to the right, is the stitch length control.

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