Let's play "What Is It?"

*** Updated ***
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What Is It
Ok, here's today's mystery machine.
First off, here's what the seller had to say about the machine:

This auction is for what is pictured a Singer Sewing Machine 404
I plugged the machine in and the light works and motor seems to work
When you are running the machine you will hear a noise and it stops. If you move the wheel it will free up again.
This may just need a cleaning, you be the judge
This is being sold "AS-IS"

What Is It What Is It
Yea, right. It's kind of obvious that something's not right here ... Or Here ...

But, that's not why we're here. We're here to figure out what it is.

What Is It What Is It What Is It
First off, it says 404- right on the badge And, if you could read the serial number, it would say AN309285.
That translate to 1960, from Elizabeth, NJ

But, it has the traits of a machine made in Germany
What Is It What Is It What Is It
It has the two thread take-up levers
And the bobbin winder on the top, as well as the treadle belt slot.

What Is It What Is It
And there's no markings, on ether the end, or the back, to state where it was made.

So, what is it?

*** Updated ***

Interesting machine, don't you think? Since I photographed this machine, I have since acquired a second such 'mystery machine'. So, it wasn't just a single fluke of nature. Ok, then what is it?

Well, I was informed that the serial number is one of the LAST 404s that Singer made. So, my best guess (and, it's only a guess) is ...

Singer was closing down production on the 400 series. They closed production in the Germany factory first. Then, they gathered up all the remaining pieces, and shipped them to New Jersey, where they used the remaining parts to finish out the production run.

Interesting, eh?

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