The 401M

Singer 401M

It's common knowledge that Singer made the 401 in both the US and in Germany. There is also the 401J, made in St. Jeans, Canada (although my 401J has a US serial number). Something new, however, is this 401M that I have just found. The M means that it was made in Monza Italy!

It is styled like the German made 401G, in that it has the bobbin winder on the top, the provision for a treadle belt, and the 2nd thread take-up lever near the top tension control.

401M 401M
Here's the label identifying the machine as a 401M. There is the serial number. Note the beginning letters. The M shows that it was made in Monza, Italy.

401M 401M
Here's the bottom of the machine. There's a plastic cover, held on by two screws. Here's that plastic cover removed. Just your basic 401 underside.

401M 401M
This machine has a cute, removable extension table. Shown here upside down, it is made of sheet metal, it just 'clips' onto the left side of the machine. Like this. Cute, eh?

401M 401M
It's the standard, drop in Singer case. This one is in great shape! Note the elastic strap to hold the foot pedal?

401M 401M
Here is the manual that came with the machine. I'm not sure if the manual is in Spanish or Italian. Can someone tell me?

On the lower back of the manual, here's the fine print. Can anyone please confirm that this says that the manual was printed in Italy? Thanks.

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